Steak and Pesto Pasta


Originally, I had wanted to make a really simple pasta with some grilled steak, goat cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil. But, as I find way too often, the basil at my grocery store looked horrible and Trader Joe’s was all out (Seriously? I don’t think I have seen basil at TJ’s in 8 or 9 months). So, onto Plan B.

In the event that I find basil that doesn’t look awful, it inevitably comes in a large amount that Tom and I just never get through. So, I make a batch of pesto, which I freeze in small portions. Pesto freezes beautifully, and it’s a great thing to have around for adding some oomph to anything from fish, to potatoes, and of course pasta.

That said, this isn’t really much of a recipe so I debated whether or not to even include it in my blog. But hey, why not? If anything, maybe it will give someone a simple pasta idea or convince them to freeze some pesto. 🙂

For this dish, I took a pint of grape tomatoes and sauteed them in just a little olive oil (with salt and pepper) until they started to burst. I tossed those with some whole wheat penne, the pesto, and a steak I cooked and thinly sliced.


I’m also submitting this to Ruth over at Presto Pasta Night.

Steak and Pesto Pasta

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