Steak and Gouda Pretzel Sandwiches


It’s not often that I have cheese in my refrigerator on the verge of going bad. Tom and I are cheese fanatics so, despite the fact that we usually have 7 or 8 different types in our fridge, we manage to eat them all before they go bad, thankyouverymuch.

But, I was craving smoked gouda last week so I went and bought some, even though I realized the sell-by date was soon approaching. I knew I’d have to use the gouda relatively quickly, especially once it was opened. After using it in a few omelets (and, of course, by itself during frequent trips to the fridge), I decided to use it in sandwiches tonight.

In my opinion, smoked gouda goes with pretty much everything. But, I especially like it with beef. Since I had a strip steak in the fridge, gouda and steak sandwiches were in order. And, steak and pretzel bread? Another plus.

Normally when I make steaks indoors, I add the steak to a really, really hot stainless steel pan and after searing it on both sides for a minute each, I transfer it to a really, really hot oven. I was checking out Alton Brown’s pan-seared steak method and discovered his method was very similar to mine, but he makes his in a cast iron skillet which he lets heat along with the oven. I went with Alton’s method today and, of course, it was great. I cooked ours to just slightly under medium rare because I knew I wanted to pop them under the broiler for a minute at the end to melt the cheese. Of course, I was hungry and too anxious for the cheese to melt completely. Close enough 😉

Steak and Gouda Pretzel Sandwiches

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