Does bacon make everything better?


In short, yes. Yes, it does.

I have mentioned before that to make savory dishes better, you add bacon. To make sweet things better, you add Nutella. It turns out, you can add bacon to sweet things and it makes those better, too.

I find myself ogling the Vosges website from time to time. I work just a few blocks from one of their boutiques, but I don’t go in there terribly often because I usually try to stay away from too many sweets and I always spend a fortune in there. A couple months ago, I saw they had 2 newer bars–Mo’s bacon bar (applewood smoked bacon, alder wood smoked sea salt and deep milk chocolate) and d’Oliva (dried kalamata olives, Venezuelan white chocolate). The first sounded great; the second didn’t immediately appeal to me.

I finally made my way over to Vosges recently and picked up the bacon bar. Oh, and because I spent a fortune in there (what did I tell you?) I also got a free 4-box of truffles. One of the free truffles? The olio d’oliva, which is the same as above with the addition of first press extra virgin olive oil. I have to say that generally, all of the exotic/strange ingredients Vosges adds to chocolate are just in the background., which is what makes them work (and taste amazing). But, admittedly, I was not too big on the olio d’oliva as it really did taste too much like olive oil to me. I’m a Greek, so I obviously adore olive oil, but it’s something I prefer to pair with feta cheese than with a chocolate truffle. 🙂 That said, Tom didn’t seem to notice the extra virgin olive oil quite as strongly as I.

The bacon bar, on the other hand, we both really enjoyed. No, it doesn’t taste like chocolate covered Bacos. The bacon bits (and if you look closely at one of these pics you may be able to see them) and the smoked salt just give the chocolate a little salty, cured kick to it. You may not even realize you are eating bacon…but that’s the great thing about Vosges. They take ingredients you might never think about adding to chocolate and it tastes great. It helps that their chocolate is great, to begin with.

This is a perfect bar for someone who is into salty-sweet combos, which I most certainly am! Oh, Mo, I don’t know you, but you are awesome.


Does bacon make everything better?

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