Shepherd’s Pie, the Greek-ish Way


Since I’ve been making so many soups and stews lately, I seem to always have carrots and celery in the fridge. I was considering making a stir fry this week until I remembered I had some ground lamb frozen, so I decided to use that up along with the veggies and make a shepherd’s pie.

I’ve actually never made a shepherd’s pie before, and I think, like most classic dishes, there are 1794 ways to make it. I have seen them with ground beef, lamb shoulder, beef roast, even chicken, before. I decided to make mine sort of aGreek-style, with flavors that I am very familiar with.

This was a tasty and extremely comforting dish.

Shepherd’s Pie, the Greek-ish Way

One thought on “Shepherd’s Pie, the Greek-ish Way

  1. Sounds as good as any Shepherds Pie I’ve ever made. But I’ll be trying your version here with the Greek twist added to it!

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