Another Soup: Corn and Green Chili Bisque


(Photo updated 12/14/11)


Another soup? Yep. I promise I do make things other than soups and stews, but lately I have been making standby types of dishes that have already made it to the blog. On Sundays, I like to play around more with stews and soups.

When I worked downtown, I ate Au Bon Pain’s soup fairly frequently for lunch. Our workplace cafeteria featured a couple of ABP’s soups daily, and the restaurant itself was just a couple blocks away. I always really liked this one soup in particular—corn and green chili bisque. It’s sort of like a spicy corn chowder, but better.

I decided to try and recreate that soup tonight, or at least a similar one. Now, I will throw out the disclaimer that I haven’t worked downtown in over two years—meaning, I haven’t had this soup in over two years. So, I can honestly I say I don’t really remember exactly what it tasted like. But, obviously I knew it had corn and green chiles in it. It was a bisque so it was slightly creamy and pureed. I looked at the published ingredients online, which helped a  bit, and ran with the idea.

In my not so humble opinion, I did a pretty damn good job. This soup turned out great! It was very flavorful and had a good texture. I roasted the corn to give it more flavor, and I added some masa harina in with the stock to thicken it up a bit and add a little more corn flavor to the soup. This is a slightly spicy soup, so you can adjust the amount of peppers, etc. to suit your taste. My  husband and I really enjoyed it.

To make this more hearty, you can add some cooked, shredded chicken in when you add the cream, just to heat it through. This would be great topped with tortilla strips, sour cream, cheese, cilantro—really whatever you want. Since we didn’t have tortillas, I pulled a few pieces of cornbread from the freezer and reheated it in a 300 degree oven. Corn mania!

(A note: You can wait to puree the soup until after all the ingredients are added, but I prefer to leave some of the corn in for texture. Also, I like to puree early on, because it seems much easier than doing it with a whole pot of very hot liquid.)

2012 UPDATE: I recently had this soup from Au Bon Pain for the first time in over 5 years. And you know what? I MUCH prefer my version. I think it has better flavor and more heat (which I like). The Au Bon Pan version is a touch creamier and more bisque-y but I love the texture of this soup as I make it.


(Photo updated 12/14/11)


Another Soup: Corn and Green Chili Bisque

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