Product Find: Ficoco


I am a sucker for new products. Truth be told, I have no idea if this product is actually new, but it’s new to me. The product I speak of is Ficoco: a spread made from, well, figs and cocoa, of course. Apparently it’s distributed by FoodMatch and is from Croatia (or so google tells me).  

On my walk home from work today, I decided to duck into Whole Foods. I was really just looking to see if they had canned tomatillos (and they did–score!). I don’t go to WF often because, well, I don’t make $250K a year, it’s equidistant to the more frugal Trader Joe’s. But every time I do, I go in for one thing and come out with 6. Today was no different (King Arthur’s bread flour and cherry preserves…) and I would up with Ficoco.
With Tom being out tonight, I was on my own for dinner. I decided on breakfast for dinner and broke in the Ficoco by spreading it on some toast. I think I’m in love. The cocoa is such a nice complement to the figs. It gives it a deeper almost liqueur-y like taste. If you like similar dried fruits like prunes, dates, raisins, etc., you will like Ficoco.
This would be great on crepes, scones, thumbprint or linzer cookies. If you are into fruit with your meat (sadly, I have not yet gone to that dark side), it would be good with pork, I imagine. And, it’s only 60 calories and 0g fat per tablespoon (take that, Nutella).
Now, forgive the terrible picture of my dinner. I wasn’t planning on actually taking a picture of eggs and toast (let alone on really hideous hand-me-down dishes), but I decided I would rave about the Ficoco. Like I said, I just had this with toast, on the side of some eggs scrambled with salami, cheese & spinach. If you are wondering why I chose to scramble my eggs instead of make an omelet, this is generally not a conscious decision as I cannot make a good omelet to save my life. Actually, I am not particularly good at flipping anything…if it needs to stay in one piece.

Product Find: Ficoco

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