Corn Chowder



I am so excited for Fall. Sure, Fall usually lasts about 4 days here and then we go straight into snowy, freezing winters, but man…those are 4 great days.

Besides the gorgeous weather, the other reason I love fall is that I love soup. I am fairly certain I could live on a diet composed solely of soup. It’s just so good and so easy to make, despite what many people think. As an added bonus, it can usually be pretty healthy and filling.

One of my husband’s favorite soups is corn chowder. In all honesty, I have never been much of a corn chowder fan but I am slowly turning over a new leaf. He really likes The Noodle’s corn chowder and one of the best things about that soup, in my opinion, is that they grill the corn. So, that was one thing I knew I wanted to do. I love, love, love grilled corn.

I have seen millions of recipes for corn chowder. Some basic, some southwestern, some bisque, some southern…

I decided to just create a really basic recipe to start off with. I figured if I liked my base, I could add peppers or other vegetables and other herbs/spices later if I wanted to. I thought it turned out great, and my husband agreed.


Corn Chowder

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