Gnocchi with Sausage, Mushrooms and Spinach


While I’ve had (and loved) gnocchi in restaurants, I’ve never actually made a dish with gnocchi at home, so I bought some of the fresh refrigerated gnocchi while it was on sale the other day. I was food blog surfing when I came across this recipe for Gnocchi with sausage and spinach on Delish. I had all the ingredients (or actually, variations of the ingredients) on hand, so I decided to make it. I also had some leftover mushrooms so I threw those in. This was a really great, simple dish that came together in about 15 minutes. The only thing I would change next time is to use less spinach because an entire package was just too much for the amount of gnocchi I had. Otherwise, easy and delicious! This served both of us for dinner, and I have enough for lunch tomorrow.

Gnocchi with Sausage, Mushrooms and Spinach
Adapted from Real Simple/Delish

1 package (13.5 oz) refrigerated gnocchi
1/2 medium onion, diced
2 Italian sausage links, casings removed
1 package (I would use a little less next time) frozen spinach, thawed or 1/2 lb. fresh spinach
4 oz. mushrooms, sliced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup grated or shredded parmesan cheese
salt and pepper to taste

Cook the gnocchi in salted water, according to the package directions, reserving about 1/2 cup of the cooking liquid.

Meanwhite, heat a large skillet over medium heat. Add the sausage and onion. Crumble the sausage and continue cooking until the sausage is about halfway done. Then, add the mushrooms and cook until done.

Add the garlic and saute about 1 minute. Stir in the spinach. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Add the gnocchi, and parmesan cheese. Add the reserved liquid until a light sauce is formed.

Gnocchi with Sausage, Mushrooms and Spinach

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