Nutella, my love


As you may remember from my freezer inventory post, I had a half bag of frozen, pitted cherries and a partial loaf of tsoureki (Greek egg bread) to use up. Earlier this week, my coworker brought me a jar of Nutella because she found it on sale (best coworker ever!).

Do you see where this is going? Nutella filled french toast with cherry sauce, of course!

For the french toast I did my typical mixture which is something like…

2 beaten eggs
1/2 cup milk or half and half
splash of vanilla
pinch of sugar
a couple dashes of cinnamon

I spread Nutella on every other piece of bread [I cut it into circles for Iron-Chef-like appearance ;)], and then sandwiched it with another piece.

I put the french toast mixture in a shallow baking dish and made it so the liquid basically went up to a little lower than the top of the bottom slice of bread when the sandwiches were placed in the dish (that was hard to type…hopefully it makes sense). So I soaked one side, flipped, soaked the other.

Metled some butter in a nonstick skillet and cooked a couple minutes per side.

For the cherry sauce, I just put the cherries with a little water and sugar in a saucepan. Heated it up for a little and then just pureed it in the blender.


Nutella, my love

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