Goat cheese-stuffed zucchini pancakes


The other day I was searching the Food Network site and somehow managed to come across a recipe for goat cheese-stuffed zucchini pancakes with tomato sauce (I was actually looking for a chicken recipe :P). Since I had all the ingredients, I decided I would make it today, as it’s meatless Friday. 

I used Emeril’s recipe, but with my own tomato sauce (which I added sauted mushrooms to). You do not need anywhere near 1/2 cup oil, and I actually used less (*gasp*) goat cheese than it called for. I sliced the full amount, but had some slices leftover after I stuffed the pancakes.

They were delicious and so easy, even for me who is absolutely TERRIBLE at pancake flipping.

Goat cheese-stuffed zucchini pancakes

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