Tastes from home…well, sorta.


My friend brought me the best gift ever from MI–a huge bag of sumac (I can’t find it anywhere here). Since it’s HUGE, I figured I better get to using some of it, so I made fattoush. I topped it with some grilled chicken. Mmm!

I’m from an area in Michigan that boasts the second largest Arabic population in the world (outside of the Middle East), so I am used to being able to get good quality, delicious, authentic Lebanese food whenever I want it. There are some good Lebanese places in Chicago but so far, none that match the restaurants from my hometown–or my friend’s parents’ cooking, of course. 🙂

Click here for the updated recipe.

Tastes from home…well, sorta.

One thought on “Tastes from home…well, sorta.

  1. I know this is a good healthy salad with a heart next to it to denote it as a healthy dish, but it is called FAT(toush). ha ha ha ha…I bet it tastes good though!

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