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November 30, 2006 · 4 comments

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I’m not really one for online journals, but I decided I needed something to devote a little time to, now that graduate school is finally over. Oh, sure, that something could be cleaning, reading…but this blog is more appealing at the moment.

So, I’ve decided to start a food blog. Most of it will be recipes/things I’ve made since I cook pretty frequently, but as a true (dorky) foodie, I’m sure I’ll include some stuff about restaurants, kitchen gadgets, etc.

Most of the dinners I make are for two, and are usually healthy, so maybe this will help people out, too.

I’m really hoping that this will be a way for me to document what I put into dishes (you see, I am not a measurer and for that reason, absolutely not a baker) both for my own future use and possibly the use of my family, friends, and future children.

I’m looking forward to sharing my home cooking journal with you!

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